Under a Cloud – Under the Weather


UNDER A CLOUD means that everybody suspects that person of doing wrong.

  • After the money went missing, he left the company under a cloud.
  • Nothing was ever proved but she remained under a cloud for the rest of her life.


UNDER THE WEATHER means that you are ill.

  • I couldn’t get to the meeting because I was under the weather.
  • So many people are under the weather that we are going to cancel the conference.




Deal a blow and Blow a deal



We are going to look at two different expressions today. They look similar but mean two completely things.


DEAL A BLOW means to cause major problems to someone or something, often an idea or project.

The information that he has been in prison has dealt a serious blow to his chances of becoming Mayor.

The bad trade news has dealt a blow to the economy.

Losing its star player has dealt a blow to United’s chances of winning the Cup.


BLOW A DEAL means to not get a contract. It is the opposite of CUT A DEAL.


You blew the deal when you asked them for the payment in advance.

I don’t want to blow the deal by putting too much pressure on them.

If we blow this deal, we will go out of business.




Cut a deal



If you CUT A DEAL, you make an arrangement.


This was originally just a US expression but it is one that many Brits also use, even old ones like me :-)

It is INFORMAL language


  • After hours of negotiation, we were able to cut a deal.
  • His lawyer cut a deal with the prosecutor and kept him out of jail.

Who have you cut a deal with recently?


Everything just fell into place



Sometimes when we are organizing an event, everything can go wrong. However well we plan things, they don’t work out very well.

But on other occasions, things seem to work out just fine, even without much effort on our part.  Everything is satisfactory,without problems.

  • Everything just seems to just fall into place.


Sometimes a new person can organize things much better.

  • When Lindsey took over the arrangements, everything just seemed to fall into place.


Sometimes new information helps you to better understand information you already had.

  • When I found out he was married to my doctor, suddenly everything fell into place.

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