Six expressions with TO

TO ALL INTENTS AND PURPOSES means in all practical ways

To all intents and purposes, the job is finished.

They redesigned the car so much that it was to all intent and purposes a new model.

TO BOOT can mean in addition.

They took my laptop and my printer to boot.

It is not just the newest model. It is the fastest to boot.

TO ONE’S HEART’S CONTENT means to your complete satisfaction.

At the all-in buffet, you can eat to your heart’s content

You can play here to your heart’s content.

TO SAY THE LEAST means to understate.

The meal was badly cooked, to say the least.

His computer skills were poor, to say the least.

TO THE LETTER means precisely.

I followed your instructions to the letter.

We didn’t do what you said to the letter. We improvised a bit.

TO THE TUNE OF means to the amount of.

They had profits to the tune of twenty million dollars.

They stole to the tune of half a million in cash.