Cut a deal


If you CUT A DEAL, you make an arrangement.


This was originally just a US expression but it is one that many Brits also use, even old ones like me 🙂

It is INFORMAL language


  • After hours of negotiation, we were able to cut a deal.
  • His lawyer cut a deal with the prosecutor and kept him out of jail.

Who have you cut a deal with recently?


9 thoughts on “Cut a deal”

  1. Just yesterday I had to cut a deal with a person, I saw a very beautiful flat to rent…but the zone was too far by my relatives and so I was not feeling to conclude the arrangement!

  2. Sincerely i do not know the words i must use to Thank you Mister Brown, you are giving free courses and very interested one in a pedagogic manner. This is so helpful for people like me who is far from Europa. Thank again

  3. Hi pearson
    I am so glad there is a person like you helping people improve their English competencies especially people like me whose additional language is english. i love all the lessons you’ve been sending me.
    Thanks a lot and wish you well.

    Kinds regards

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