Deal a blow and Blow a deal


We are going to look at two different expressions today. They look similar but mean two completely things.


DEAL A BLOW means to cause major problems to someone or something, often an idea or project.

The information that he has been in prison has dealt a serious blow to his chances of becoming Mayor.

The bad trade news has dealt a blow to the economy.

Losing its star player has dealt a blow to United’s chances of winning the Cup.


BLOW A DEAL means to not get a contract. It is the opposite of CUT A DEAL.


You blew the deal when you asked them for the payment in advance.

I don’t want to blow the deal by putting too much pressure on them.

If we blow this deal, we will go out of business.




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  1. Mr. Pearson
    I found this new method of learning very useful. I was born in South America, now I live in Australia, your lessons have improved a lot my English and helped me to integrate better in this country.
    I appreciate what are you doing.Thanks a lot.
    Very kind of you.

  2. Dear Mr. Pearson,
    thank you very much for your useful lesson: I teach secondary school students and all of us learn a lot from you. CWe’d like to do some exercises on daily phrases too. Could you please send them to me?
    Thank you very much again.
    Best regards,

    1. I need to generate enough money from advertising from each exercise to justify the timeI put in. I am sure of doing that when my phrase is work-related but much less certain with more general language. I will give it a try but don’t hold out too much hope :-).

      The only other possibility is to have people sponsor me. Would you be willing to give me, say, five dollars a month? Most people I ask say no 🙂

  3. Hello dear , I would like to thank u for this website . It helps me a lot . Kindly I want to improve my self more in the grammer .

  4. Dear Mr.Pearson,
    a lot of thanks from a Ukrainian teacher! Your lessons and guide are in a great value for me. Hope, I am able to express my feellings correct!

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