Everything just fell into place


Sometimes when we are organizing an event, everything can go wrong. However well we plan things, they don’t work out very well.

But on other occasions, things seem to work out just fine, even without much effort on our part.  Everything is satisfactory,without problems.

  • Everything just seems to just fall into place.


Sometimes a new person can organize things much better.

  • When Lindsey took over the arrangements, everything just seemed to fall into place.


Sometimes new information helps you to better understand information you already had.

  • When I found out he was married to my doctor, suddenly everything fell into place.

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  1. I get excited each time I receive a new lesson. It provides me with an opportunity to learn something new. Thank you


  2. When i found Pearson suddenly everything fell in to place. I am folowing Pearson’s English course. I satishfied with this teaching.

  3. Once again, amazing… You have a nice voice and a fine accent, easy to understand.



  4. Thank you Mr. Pearson Brown for sending this useful lessons. They help me a lot and I really enjoy doing the exercises you develop for us. You must be a nice person, besides from being a committed teacher. Blessings!

  5. This is what , we actually need for our children , and ofcourse for us also.
    i really very thankful to mr. pearson for this amesing world of English grammer..

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