Four expressions with UNDER


UNDER YOUR OWN STEAM means ‘by your own efforts’.

He is getting here under his own steam.

I am trying to do everything under my own stream and I am finding it very difficult.

Don’t try to do everything under your own steam. Learn to delegate.

UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES means ‘in those particular conditions’.

I didn’t want to do it but, under the circumstances, I had no choice.

I am sorry our service was so bad. Under the circumstances, we will refund all your payments.

Do you think that under the circumstances we should cancel the concert?

UNDER THE TABLE means ‘in secret’.

He got an under the table payment of a million dollars for giving them the contract.

It is normal to pay an under the table bribe in that country when you do business.

Don’t even think about an under the table payment. You will go to prison.

UNDER WAY means ‘to be in progress’.

The meeting will be getting under way shortly.

The match has been under way for twenty minutes and so far there is no score.

The project has been under way for two years and will need at least another year’s work.

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