Six expressions with TURN


TURN A BLIND EYE means to deliberately not notice something.

The management turned a blind eye to employees stealing from the warehouse.

He turned a blind eye to the signs his son was taking drugs.

TURN A DEAF EAR means to refuse to listen.

He turned a deaf ear to my advice.

We all told him what was wrong but he turned a deaf ear.

TURN TAIL means to run away.

He turned tail when he saw the police car.

He had no alternative but to turn tail and run.

TURN OVER A NEW LEAF means to make a fresh start.

When he was young, he did a lot of bad things but he turned over a new leaf when he went to college.

You need to turn over a new leaf or you will never get anywhere in life.

TURN THE TIDE means to reverse the situation.

After several years of losses, the company managed to turn the tide and make a profit.

Unless we turn the tide soon, we are going to run out of money.

TURN UP TRUMPS means to succeed.

Our decision to reduce our prices has turned up trumps.

We desperately need this project to turn up trumps.

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