Three useful expressions starting with V


VERGE ON means ‘to come close to’.

I am fed up. I am verging on quitting my job.

The pound is verging on an all time high against the euro.

This project is a bit of a joke. It is verging on the ridiculous.

VESTED INTEREST means that you have a personal stake.

I have a vested interest in improving the quality of this school. My children are students here.

She will probably join us if we give her a vested interest in our business.

You had a vested interest in giving him the contract. He is your brother.

A VICIOUS CIRCLE is where attempting to solve a problem ends up making the problem worse.

The poor cannot afford good education and, in a vicious circle, remain poor.

He is in a vicious circle of dieting followed by gaining weight.

Treating neuropathy can start a vicious circle of other medical problems.

10 thoughts on “Three useful expressions starting with V”

  1. Hi Ustaad (a term out of a great respect means teacher)
    the expressions of this lesson was useful but hard for me to use.
    I will be trying to use them. thanks.
    May Allah bless you with health and long life.

  2. I’m helping a local literacy project in the USA. I’m currently working with a Polish lady who is actually quite competent,. However the variety of these examples of phrases must be daunting to her, or anyone.

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